Awesome Global Investment Group

Awesome Global Investment Group company was founded in 2017, it is one of the most competitive in Cambodia’s emerging companies. The company has been set up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for two year, and has since opened up a huge business in Cambodia. Bringing together a wealth of industry resources. These services can be divided into the following five parts:

Awesome Technology Business Sector

Our Group has set up software research and development departments in Singapore, Taiwan and Cambodia with major projects ranging from game software development and new mobile Apps. In addition, we have a wealth of experience in gaming outsourcing. At this stage, the technology business unit intends to invest in a number of related businesses: multimedia applications, remote monitoring systems, cloud technology, etc. We are committed to venturing into potential new companies with various interested parties to create different new technology breakthrough. different new technology breakthrough.

Awesome Investment

The property management company, which is located in Cambodia, manages a wide range of properties, such as business office buildings, serviced apartments, shopping malls and entertainment centers. We provide a series of comprehensive services, including facilities, property management, leasing & cleaning services and project management. We deliver superior services and personalized services to our residents, and to customize our professional services in response to different needs of the market.

Awesome Travel Company

The company staffed with talented professionals, with decades of experience in tourism planning and hospitality services. We provide all in one, tailored services for any sightseeing, business research and commercial affairs to ensure the quality of tourism services. Company collaborates with other entertainment bodies to offer a diversified Black-Card like tourism planning services. We live to deliver brand new entertainment experiences.

Awesome Entertainment

We have invested considerable material resources, the development of the entertainment industry in Cambodia. We strive to offer high-quality entertainment for locals, tourists and expatriates, excellent service, and reasonable prices. Our Jin Jue International Club, will be put into service in October this year to provide high-quality entertainment in Cambodia.

Our Three Year Planning and Vision


Awesome Global Investment Holdings operate giving full consideration to the local business culture, expectations of shareholders, and the socioeconomic macro environment conditions, in order to create and expand shared value with stakeholders.

Enterprise Management

We strive to optimize our infrastructure and organizational processes, along with the strategic planning and cross organizational synergy. We devote to preserving and improving existing good practices in corporate governance. It improves the performance of our organization which stimulates lasting economic growth and enables collaboration and efficiency among the departments in our organization to achieve long term sustainability.


Awesome Global Investment Holdings aims to build a global corporation synonymous with helping businesses thrive within the international, multilingual and culturally diverse marketplace.

Company facilities

We provide a high standard of comfort office space, restaurant, gym and condominium for employees.

New Office

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