Awesome Greentown (Cambodia) Property Services Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018. The company's management team was formerly Greentown Property Services Group. The company is a subsidiary of Awesome International Investment Group.

The company has integrated management department, customer service department, market operation department and engineering maintenance department. It is a company specializing in property management services. Relying on the strong support of Awesome Group, the company has taken a high starting point, high standards and high requirements as the foundation of company management since its establishment. In order to further improve the company's service system, standards, and content, the company and the (domestic) Greentown Property Service Company have a strategic cooperation in human resources and ontology construction.

Through cooperation, it can be improved in ontology construction, quality control, employee learning and training, and project development. And guarantee, make full use of the talent resource advantage of Greentown Service, and build our company into a first-class property service quality enterprise in Cambodia.

Service model, characteristics and service focus

In the management of various projects, the management mode of manager responsibility system is adopted. The property managers of each project are generally responsible for the daily affairs of the service center and external coordination and liaison work; the service center has a comprehensive service department, environmental maintenance department, security department, engineering department and customer service department, which are responsible for various property management affairs of the project. , Carry out targeted service work according to different customers.

Through the mastery of the basic information of each project, the surrounding basic supporting facilities and the analysis of the geographical environment, combined with the characteristics of different types of properties of the project, in the property services of the project, the company pays particular attention to the following key tasks.

1. Emphasize the principles of safety first and prevention first.

(1)Safety management is the top priority in property management. Security work involves not only the property and personal safety of the owner, but also the privacy of the customer, which must be taken seriously.

(2)The safety management of the project mainly includes three aspects, one is fire safety, the other is public security prevention, and the third is the timely handling of various emergencies.

In terms of fire safety, the emphasis is on prevention, prevention is greater than cure, and various hidden fire hazards are continuously eliminated and rectified.

In terms of public security prevention, based on the characteristics of the project, from the perspective of comprehensive defense and full-staff defense, the use of technical defense hardware and a combination of "human defense and technical defense" will eliminate possible security problems in the bud.

In the handling of emergency incidents, we must be predictable, plan, organized, and drill, so that we can deal with things without surprise, without confusion, and respond appropriately. Through the preparation of emergency and abnormal situation handling plans, we can prevent troubles. Yu Weiran.

2. Do the daily maintenance of facilities and equipment to ensure normal operation.

(1)The normal operation of advanced facilities and equipment will greatly affect the quality of life and work of the owner. Therefore, doing a good job in the daily maintenance of facilities and equipment to ensure normal operation is another focus of property service work.

(2)Establish a stable team of high-quality engineering and technical personnel to do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance services and paid maintenance services for facilities and equipment.

(3)Regularly conduct technical inspections of facilities and equipment, formulate technical plans for facility equipment maintenance and maintenance, establish technical equipment data archives, fully grasp the degree of damage to facilities and equipment, formulate facility equipment maintenance and maintenance technical systems, and clarify the responsible persons.

3. Professional cleaning to create a tidy environment.

(1)In today's society, people increasingly pay attention to air quality and environmental indicators. Therefore, cleaning work is an important manifestation of the image of the project, which is not only related to the external image of the project, but also directly affects the quality of life and work of the client. A clean and tidy environment is not only a need for health, but also makes people pleasing to the eye and improves work efficiency.

(2)Strictly implement service plans and implement various inspection systems. According to the specific conditions of the project, a detailed operation plan is formulated, and the standards and frequency of cleaning services are specified in detail.

(3)Do a good job of daily cleaning. According to the actual situation of the project, the cleaning personnel are arranged and professional training is carried out to ensure a professional and high-quality cleaning team to maintain the quality and efficiently do the daily cleaning work.