Company Introduction

Established in June 2020, LM PAY PLC. (“LM PAY”) headquarter located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. LM PAY is a leader in cashless mobile payment available on all platforms. One click payment method meets the payment needs of all customers. In September 2020, the company obtained a payment license issued by the National Bank of Cambodia.

With a deep understanding of the industry by our skillful operation and development team, LM PAY is adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, technology-oriented, and efficient service. The company intends to focus on the core needs of customers in various industries, government institutions, and individual users by creating a comprehensive and innovative platform based on industry scenarios.

LM PAY solves consumer payment providing multi-level, customizable payment services, and financial service solutions in the different industries: catering, transportation, entertainment, retail, business travel, and besides various life services to achieve customer service upgrades, and in a value interconnected industrial ecological network to achieve a win-win situation for all parties. At the same time, LM PAY will actively contribute to corporate social responsibility and aspire to become a respected company in society.

LM PAY will strictly abide by the regulatory requirement of the National Bank of Cambodia. In establishing a management organization and system that meets its own conditions, to carry out capacity building, enhance management awareness, and integrate a cultural-friendly atmosphere. And actively participate in anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing operations to achieve healthy operations and sustainable development.