Awesome Real Estate Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. entered the Kingdom of Cambodia in 2015. Drive real estate management, investment and brokerage services with the full value of overseasization, intelligence, and data. The business scope involves full-cycle system transaction services for land, incremental housing and stock housing markets in various regions of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as providing real estate investment consulting, market research and other services.

Awesome Real Estate Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. relies on the strong capital support of the head office and the Chinese real estate database, using Internet technology and the support of a team of 30,000 domestic distributors to optimize and drive service quality and industry efficiency. Adhering to the service tenet of "Integrity creates brand, service wins the world" and the concept of "Simultaneous cooperation and win-win development", we are determined to become a well-known enterprise in the real estate industry in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Strong Chinese overseas real estate data, as well as collaboration strategies and professional resource integration are the core of the company to ensure the interests of customers and win success.

A passionate and experienced professional team is the largest capital of Awesome Real Estate Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Humanized, scientific, and rational management make the entire company full of vitality and vitality. The rigorous talent training plan, the innovative marketing concept and the concept of execution first, make Awesome Real Estate Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Every step is steady and solid.

The key personnel of Awesome Real Estate Management (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. have directly or participated in the operation of more than forty projects. Its outstanding professional broker team possesses overseas real estate management qualifications. The current company market is positioned as a full-service platform for the land, incremental housing and stock housing markets in various regions of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Business Introduction

1. Integrate domestic and foreign high-quality channel agencies

Establish a strategic alliance with domestic and foreign real estate agencies to form a "single project, nationwide sales". Establish strategic alliances with urban real estate agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan, Tianjin, Hebei, Chengdu, Zhejiang, etc., and organize regular house tours and project promotion Meetings, high-end customer circles, etc. continue to introduce high-quality home buyers into the project.

2. One-stop asset management, full-service Chinese overseas real estate operations; service-oriented, appropriate use of light assets; building a word of mouth, expanding popularity; more blossoms, and gradually forming a closed marketing loop.

Provide: asset management, real estate investment, consulting planning, financial services, purchase channels, property management, decoration.

3. Asset operation:

a) Responsible for business planning, investment and operation, and promote the internationalization of business scale with high-quality brand merchants; achieve a win-win situation.

b) Combining supply and demand, operating residential products with light assets, intelligently matching tenants; earning price difference and management fees.

c) Upgrade the quality of service and provide a one-stop solution for the system solution after real estate purchase.

Solve the problems of entering, exiting and realizing after real estate investment; realize asset appreciation.