Starchain Telecom Co.,Ltd is the leading multi-cloud enterprise consultant and new-generation cloud hosting service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, assisting enterprises in cloud and digital transformation. With many successful cases, we are a leading integrated telecommunications and technology solution provider with the mission of "Achieving a Better Home" to provide a full range of high-quality ICT services for the corporate and residential markets.
*Continuous innovation for customers
*Achieve a better community with technology and professionalism
*Create a responsible and win-win supplier partnership

1. Services provided by the company

We provide one-stop Internet services to help customers develop their businesses at a high speed.

1. Data Center

The facilities provided by the world-class standard data center comply with Tier3+. Through dark fiber and DWDM technology, Chinese and overseas telecommunications companies, as well as local and global Internet exchange centers, obtain network connections.

2. Dedicated line connection

Dual-track optical fiber and high-capacity Internet connection meet the needs of various enterprises for e-commerce applications.

3. International Dedicated Line

Customers provide a point-to-point dedicated telecommunications transmission network that supports the transmission of voice, fax, data, text messages, images and videos, allowing customers to efficiently and securely connect the head office and branch offices around the world.

4. Network equipment maintenance

Provide customers with network equipment maintenance and management services, customers no longer need to worry about equipment use technology.

5. Optical fiber network

DWDM is a service specially designed to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission between enterprises. Through dense wavelength division multiplexing optical fiber conversion technology, to provide customers with safe, dedicated and reliable high-bandwidth services.

6. Bare metal server

Flexible and safe, enjoy the "high stability of traditional servers + highly elastic resources on the cloud" quality service.

2. The company's advantages

Why choose STARCHAIN?

1. Cover a vast global network

Starchain is strategically located in major network centers such as Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, each of which is a world-class telecom service provider

2. Diversified products and services

Provide data center network, dedicated line connection, international dedicated line, professional network equipment technical support and other diversified product services.

3. Information and communication technology convergence solutions

Mainly provide customers with various ICT solutions such as integrated wiring engineering, data center engineering, information and communication networks, integrated communication systems, Internet dedicated line access, etc., to achieve users' high-speed network experience, information resource sharing, safe and reliable access, anytime, anywhere Various application scenarios such as office, collaborative office applications, local/remote conferences, call centers, online customer service, voice navigation and interaction.

4. One-stop service provider

In terms of building server networks and cloud hosting, Starchain is just one of the few one-stop service providers in the Asia-Pacific region. In other words, just use Starchain to get an instant escrow solution without the hassle of referring to anyone else!