Asia Life Entertainment Information Co., Ltd. (PanAsia Life for short) was established in May 2018. It is an information technology company based in Cambodia and looking at Southeast Asia. Since its establishment, it has been a pioneer in the news media of Cambodia and Southeast Asia, and is committed to providing a two-in-one high-efficiency platform for information and life for Chinese and overseas Chinese in Cambodia.

Provide users with more valuable news information, investment information and other various information. Pay attention to original information, strive for first-hand information sources, enhance the authority and professionalism of Pan-Asian life news, and create one of the most credible information platforms in Cambodia and even Southeast Asia.

Unite various local industries to gather high-quality merchants, select gourmet food, and comprehensive life services such as real estate transactions, car services, and exchange rate conversion. Allow users to experience more convenient and affordable content, making life in Cambodia easier and more secure.

The company's core team is composed of professionals from China and Cambodia. They are professionals who have been deeply involved in the Internet media industry for many years and have rich industry experience and professionalism.

Company culture

1. Practical innovation and continuous improvement of product quality;

2. From the perspective of users, it aims to continuously improve the quality of life of Chinese in Cambodia;

3. Committed to building a distinctive brand in the Cambodian Internet culture and media industry.

Team spirit

Innovation, unity, pragmatism and excellence!

Management philosophy

1, Manage and operate strictly in accordance with the modern enterprise model;

2, Two-way development of the company and employees.

3. Products and services

According to the needs of different users, provide the most accurate and comprehensive information;

Currently, Pan-Asian Life is one of the most popular information apps for Chinese living in Cambodia.

Provide customers with multi-channel advertising, increase exposure and increase the stickiness of users and products.

Including: airport advertising, outdoor advertising, elevator advertising, paper advertising, online advertising

4. Enterprise development goals

All-in-one advertising service provider

The definitive guide to eating, drinking, and having fun in Cambodia

Integrated Entertainment Information Platform